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Plotfork is a place for people to write stories, read stories, and create their own variations - forks - of stories they enjoy.

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Let us clear this up for you.

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When you're reading...

Usually when you read a story, whether online or in a book, it's a linear journey from start to finish. There's nothing wrong with that, but there's another way.

Plotfork lets authors create multiple variations - forks - of a story, which gives you, the reader, the ability to choose how you want to continue the story. When you come to a fork in a story, you'll be able to choose to go down the “normal,” path, or jump into one of the forks with a click.

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Make your own forks

Found a story that you love and you want to continue after it's over? Maybe you weren't pleased with certain character decisions, or how things ended. With Plotfork, you can keep the story going, change those decisions, rewrite the ending, or change the whole story!

When you're writing...

Have you ever wanted to write two, or three, or four variations of the same story, to give your readers a more dynamic and unique experience?

With Plotfork, you can make as many variations - forks - as you want, and your readers can choose which ever path they want. You can even fork forks (no, that's not a typo) and create potentially infinite plotlines for a single story.

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Fork other authors' stories

You can write your own stories, and create as many forks as you want, but with Plotfork you can also fork stories written by other authors! With the click of a button, you'll be shuttled off to the same editor interface you use to write your own stories.

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